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Pro Guide Lithium 31M100-ST Starting Battery

Pro Guide Lithium 31M100-ST Starting Battery

$999.99 USD

Pro-Guide Lithium // 31M100-ST STARTING BATTERY

You asked for it, and we've delivered, Pro-Guide is excited to announce our first Lithium Powered Starting battery.   Housed in the Same Group 31 case as our flagship 31M100 product.  The 31M100-ST will give you the power, features, and terminal configuration your build needs to stay powered all day every day! 

With A Cycle Life Rated Up To 2500 Cycles @ 80% DOD, The Pro-Guide Lithium 31M100-ST Battery Is Your New Favorite Choice For Powering Your Boating & RV Adventures, Solar Storage, And More

At Just 26 Pounds, The Pro-Guide Lithium 31M100-ST  Battery Is One Of The Lightest And Longest-Lasting Deep Cycle Batteries Available



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