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Legend Craft Bandit SS 1656 HD Boat Package

Legend Craft Bandit SS 1656 HD Boat Package

$12,914.00 USD

Legend Craft Bandit SS 1656 HD



EZ-Trac 1754 ALE Aluminum Trailer

With Custom Turf Package


$17,814 with Suzuki 25HP(+tax)  or

$19,999 with Suzuki 40HP/Premium Tiller(+tax)


Bandit Boats

The Bandit is a true balance of durability, performance, speed and value. Ideal for those who want the best design features of the Ambush, yet want a slightly more compact and lighter boat for an even a faster and smoother ride. Get ready to venture out on the water to hunt, fish or just have some fun.

Bandit SS Models

Bandit Stealth Series is built like our Bandit Standard but with a 5052 grade .80 aluminum hull. The Stealth series is 20% lighter than the standard with the .100 aluminum hull but gives you the same handling. The Bandit SS has an overall lighter weight which gives you more speed.

Bandit Stealth Series
(Standard Options)


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Heavy Duty Double Graph Mount

The simpilist heavy duty double graph mount.

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