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TBNation Outdoors Midwest

Boat Hatch 375mmx370mm

Boat Hatch 375mmx370mm

$44.97 USD

Marine Deck Access Hatch 14.75“×15.5" Black/White Rectangle Boat Hatch & Lid,Boat Deck Hatch Lids 375mmx370mm

  • Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    Color Black
    Style 14.75" x 14.5", 370mm x 375mm
  • Anti-Aging, Anti-Ultraviolet ABS: The hatch is built to withstand the harshest conditions, thanks to its robust ABS construction. It resists aging and UV damage, ensuring that it stands the test of time in the demanding marine environment.
  • 180° Opening Hatches: Designed for convenience, the hatch opens a full 180°, providing easy access to the internal or external storage areas. This feature enhances the functionality of the hatch for a variety of marine applications.
  • Easy "Click-In" Construction: SEAFLO's commitment to user-friendly design is evident in the easy "click-in" construction. Installation is a breeze, ensuring that you spend less time on setup and more time enjoying your marine activities.
  • Corrosion-Free Fittings and Durable Seals: The hatch incorporates corrosion-free synthetic fittings and robust rubber seals, providing a secure and weatherproof seal. This ensures that your stored items remain safe from the elements.
  • Reinforced Lid with Non-Skid Surface: The lid, reinforced for added strength, features a non-skid surface. This ensures a secure grip, even in wet conditions, enhancing safety on your boat.
  • Flush Finish: The lid hinges 180° and completely covers the mounting flange, providing an attractive flush finish. This attention to detail contributes to the hatch's overall aesthetic appeal.


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